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PNI - Grass Fed Whey Iso 1.8kg
PNI - Grass Fed Whey Iso 1.8kg
PNI - Grass Fed Whey Iso 1.8kg
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PNI - Grass Fed Whey Iso 1.8kg

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What is it? 

PNI Whey ISO is a gluten-free, extremely low lactose, grass-fed whey isolate protein powder. PNI Whey ISO has been through a vigilant filtration process to deliver a more concentrated and better quality protein supplement.

The filtration process helps lower excess fat and lactose content. The end result is a super absorbent protein power of a higher quality and is a lot easier on your stomach. PNI Whey ISO has a super high protein, low carb, and fat content, making it ideal to help muscles and performance without adding any unnecessary weight. 

PNI Supplements recommend taking two Whey ISO Shakes on training days and one shake on rest days. Using in this way will help increase your protein intake, increasing your muscle recovery, maintenance and in turn performance.


  • High protein

  • Almost 0 carbs and fat

  • Gluten-free

  • Fast absorbing

  • Easily digested

  • No added sugar

  • Grass-fed

  • Hormone-free

The perfect post-workout or meal replacement supplement


PNI Whey ISO is gluten-free, making it perfect for anyone who struggles to process Gluten or has coeliac disease. PNI Whey ISO is also extremely low in lactose so you can benefit from a high protein shake without the side effects of other shakes that are on the market. Additionally the filtration process has lowered the fat content but also has made PNI Whey ISO super absorbent and higher quality compared to conventional protein supplements.


PNI Whey ISO exclusively contains grass-fed whey protein. The benefit of grass-fed is that it’s higher in omega-3, which supports bone and joint health, it is also hormone and antibiotic-free, making it a much healthier option compared to standard whey. Additionally, grass-fed whey is much higher in CLA, vitamins, and minerals which promotes fat loss as well as muscle and bone health.


The high protein content of PNI Whey ISO will effectively aid muscle recovery following a workout and promote repair and growth. Additionally, the high protein, low fat and no added sugar nature of PNI Whey ISO makes it the ideal meal replacement weight loss shake, as the protein content will boost overall health and prevent muscle breakdown, as well as making you feel full despite only being ~108 kcals. The delicious flavours will also satisfy your taste buds and sweet tooth, reducing snacking.

DosagePut 1.5 scoops of PNI Whey ISO into your shaker and add 200ml of water and shake thoroughly for 15 seconds. Take 2 PNI Whey ISO shakes on training days and 1 on rest days. Alternatively, use PNI Whey ISO as a lunch meal replacement.Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.