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NEW Mars M&M Protein 12x51g

NEW Mars M&M Protein 12x51g

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That's right, you read that correctly, Mars have now released another awesome addition to their already amazing line up of protein confectionery.

They brought you the originals like Mars bar and Snickers, now the Chocolate M&M Hi Protein bar! Te tasty little morsels of chocolatey bits now in a protein bar.

packed with real M&M's, real milk chocolate, and a delicious layer of caramel, all combined with 15g of protein and only 192 calories! This really is the game changer in the protein bar market that you've all been waiting for.

Why the M&M Hi-Protein Bar - 12x51g?

- IT'S AN ACTUAL M&M HI-Protein Bar (made by Mars themselves)

-A huge 15g of protein and only 192 cals

-reasonably low in fat and considerably less sugar than a real (non-protein) chocolate bar.

M&M Hi-Protein Bar
  Per 51g Bar
Calories 192kcals
Protein 15g
Fat 8.2g
- Of which saturates 2.9g
Carbohydrate 21g
- Of which sugars 15.1g
Salt 0.3mg