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Chaos Crew - Glycer Swell 200g

Chaos Crew - Glycer Swell 200g

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Chaos Crew Glycer Swell 200g

Glycer Swell combines 2 ingredients to improve Muscle pumps and support hydration. Each serving packs 4g of GlycerSize with 2g of Taurine to bring about some great Pumps. 

Glycer Swell is a flexible non-stimulant product that you can stack with other pre-workouts/pump products for more beneficial pumps.

Tip: Glycer Swell truly shines when combined with adequate hydration. To get the most out of Glycer Swell make sure to consume enough water and stay properly hydrated.

What are the ingredients

GlycerSize 4000mg

GlycerSize is an advanced form of glycerol that delivers more glycerol per gram than conventional glycerol products. Where previous forms of glycerol products only contained between 10% and 25% glycerol, GlycerSize yields a 65% glycerol content.

How does GlycerSize work?

GlycerSize supports improved hydration and nutrient absorption due to its ability to enhance the cell’s ability to absorb water. In simple terms, GlycerSize sends extra fluid into the muscles resulting in improved hydration, endurance, performance, and Massive Pumps!

Taurine 2000mg

This highly abundant intracellular amino acid plays several vital roles that may result in enhanced exercise performance. Similar to creatine, it draws water into muscle cells, thereby acting as a powerful cell volumizer. Increased cell volume makes muscles appear fuller/larger, and creates a more anabolic environment for hypertrophy to occur. Taurine also helps regulate water and electrolyte balance in the blood, and within cells, which may help to prevent muscle cramping in intense trainers. Additionally, this highly versatile amino acid has been shown to increase a muscle’s ability to generate force, leading to more powerful contractions, and greater release of the vasodilator, Nitric Oxide.

What are the key features

  • Effective Vasodilator
  • Clinically Dosed Patents
  • Increases Blood Flow & Lactic acid emptying rate

    Nutritional Information

    Servings Per Container: 25

    Amount Per Serving (8g):

    • GlycerSize (Std. 65% Glycerol) – 4000mg
    • L-Taurine – 2000mg
    • Glycer Swell