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Gdpr Compliance

With so much fuss in the media and from countless services (Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc, etc.) and fellow retailers (from Amazon to Zavvi!) you might be a little confused as to exactly WHAT the General Data Protection Regulation, or 'GDPR' for short, actually means for you!

Well, it's nothing to be scared of!! On May 25th 2018 new legislation will come into effect in the UK regarding how companies such as ourselves store and use personal data provided by you, our much valued customers. This is a good thing; it mandates complete transparency as to how your data is kept, stored (AKA. carefully looked after!) and (legitimately and responsibly) used.

This means companies can no longer hold your personal data indefinitely or without explicit permission, and how they can only hold this for as long as is necessary. The GDPR covers all data held by a company (online and offline).

For a full list of your individual rights under GDPR, visit the ICO's official page found here:

It goes without saying that Letterbox Gains Supplements takes these welcome new obligations very seriously, and we will endeavour to comply as fully and completely as possible with the new regulations as they come into force. ANY concerns? Please don't hesitate to email us...