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CORVID-19 Update

Wow, what a time to launch a new company right! What can we say... it'll be an uphill struggle, however, we're are putting measures in place to get out as many as our products as possible to you! However, please do appreciate that we are likely to experience delays in shipping your orders but please bear with us.

Our supplies are running slower than they would normally, which may mean that we will be a little behind on processing orders.

All we can ask is that you be a little patient with us, with our staff and with shipping right now. 🙏

We're doing everything possible to keep the doors open and keep the orders delivering. 

We love our customer base & we will never take you for granted. 

With your support, we'll get through this. 

Truly, a thousand thank-you's for your orders. You're keeping this small business afloat during some extraordinary times. 

With the very best of wishes,

- The Letterbox Gains Teams